Monday, November 5, 2012

Steps to Get More Customers

Ways to Get More Customers

The First Four Steps to Get More Customers to Your Website

These are the steps to get more traffic to your website and hence, more customers. This post is categorized into four steps:

1. SEO or search engine optimization
2. Backlinks
3. Social Bookmarks
4. Marketing Your Website

Every one of these steps are important if you want to increase the traffic to your website. It really isn't that much work and when you're done you will have an edge many webmasters do not have. Get ahead of your competition.
First Step: SEO!
Optimize Your Site For the Search EnginesThere are several ways to get more customers. Here's your first step:

Optimize your site for Google

This is very important and one of the number one ways to properly market your website. Proper SEO is required- going through these other methods without proper SEO is like building a roof without first putting up walls.

If you don't know how to optimize your website for Google, Google it.

Second Step: Backlink Your Website!

Backlink Your WebsiteThis is very important for increasing your websites pagerank and getting visitors to your site. Try making guest posts on blogs, commenting on relevant blogs (but don't spam, ever!) , and building Web 2.0 properties with backlinks to your website. A Web 2.0 property is a page or website at a place like Blogger which adds high quality content to a website while providing an extra backlink for your website. Make sure to make this content relevant to the website you're promoting, for its full benefits. Some other good options for this are and However, just like I stressed about the blog comments, don't just make a bunch of spammy Web 2.0 sites. They should contribute quality information, like this one. In fact, what I am doing right now is building a Web 2.0 for another website! This Web 2.0 property will stay here forever, because the content is hand-written and high quality. Think about creating longterm solutions.
Third Step: Social Bookmarking!
Social Bookmark Your WebsiteSocial bookmarking is a good idea, though not required. Go on the popular social networks like Facebook,, Myspace (lol), and Twitter. Create profiles and pages there for your website and you'll complete another step in marketing your website and/or business.

Forth and Final Step: Market Your Website!

Get the Word OutThis can involve many things, depending on the purpose of your website. If you own a business, make sure your website is on all your business cards and commercials, if you have them. Get the word out! Make tshirts!'

There are also some other options. One way is Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a service which places ads based on your website in search results as well as other websites. Adwords is great, but you can always try out other options, too. One option we really like for getting more customers is the fine folks at